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Welcome to
Hands-On Physical Therapy

Sponsor a course in your facility.

You have now the option to sponsor one
or more of our courses in your facility.
We have available 2 course sponsoring plans,
our limited plan and the general plan.








General Plan

The general plan is designed for facilities who have
several staff members interested to attend the course.
The course is limited to the staff of the facility
and the facility's guests.
The facility pays our organization directly.
For additional info & pricing, please
call us.

Limited Plan

With this plan you will allow us to use your facility
for the seminar and you will provide breakfast & snacks.
We will allow 2 staff members of your facility to attend
for every 12 course participants.
For additional info, please
call us.

plastry evra – antykoncepcja

plastry evra – antykoncepcja

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