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Welcome to
Hands-On Physical Therapy

The Art & Science of Physical Therapy


Why We Are Different

Physical Therapy, is a leading authority in the area of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.
With State of the Art facilities and highly specialized Physical Therapy Professionals, Hands-On offers the answer to today's health problems.

Unfortunately, not all physical therapy providers have the same qualifications, training and professional expertise. Individuals who do not specialize in the discipline of physical therapy may cause more harm than good.

We are different because:
1) In our offices, all our physical therapy professionals and assisting staff are highly qualified clinicians with several years experience and solid credentials.
2) We practice Hands-On therapies that we have developed through continuous research studies. The different physical therapy modalities such as Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Hydrocollator, etc., are only a small portion of the physical therapy care a patient receives in our offices. We emphasize on: Hands-On, Manual Therapy, Trigger Point, Myofascial Therapy, Manipulation, Expert Guidance and Individualized Exercises that the physical therapist provides in one-to-one sessions.
3) Our offices are equipped with state of the art physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment and we also perform Electrodiagnostic studies ( EMG / NCV ).
4) Many of our patients, who have been injured in a work accident or in a car accident, need accurate documentation for their doctors, attorneys and insurance carriers. We have a highly sophisticated computerized system that provides us with a report of your status in just a few minutes.
5) Striving to provide you with a highly personalized care, a patient care coordinator will ensure that you are satisfiedwith our services.

Hands-On makes a difference, because
Hands-On is different !

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